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HSES Policy

• Accepted the HSE Management System as an integral part of its activities, and adopted the following principles in order to create a framework for our company's HSE objectives:


• To comply with these requirements by following the applicable laws, national and international standards and other requirements regarding HSE,


• To spread awareness of health, safety and environment by providing continuous training to give individual responsibility to its employees,


• Regularly reviewing the HSE Management System it applies and continuously improving and improving it,


• To minimize the exposure to nature, environment and people by following scientific and technological innovations,


• Saving by using natural and business resources carefully,


• To comply with customer policies, regulations and rules in the works carried out at customer sites


• Taking precautions for dangers and accidents by making risk assessments.


• In line with these principles, our company has aimed to provide the necessary working conditions for occupational health and safety in all its activities, to prevent harm to the environment, and to the principle of "zero danger and zero accident" and made plans accordingly.


• Our company, which carries out its activities within the framework of HSE Management requirements and company rules, undertakes to guide its neighbors, customers and subcontractors in HSE and to share its experiences with them.


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